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Is science broken? Will biologists ever escape their treadmill?

December 21st, 2016 · No Comments

There is something ridiculous about the Royal Society Conference and the cluelessness of the long brainwashed public reacting to the ‘news’ there is a problem with the ‘theory’. After all, Fred Hoyle decades ago exposed the basic theory of natural selection as ridiculous on statistical grounds. How is it the entire scientific community has take fifty years to catch up with that insight. It is a reminder to be wary of scientists (and the ID group has mirror image problems) on the subject of evolution. It is important to see that while biochemistry, for example, thrives as science, ‘evolutionary’ theory fails to be clarified by science as it is now. We have multiple posts here on the subject with the material from World History and the Eonic Effect used to get a concrete example beyond genetics of ‘how evolution can happen’. More generally there must be a teleological component to life and evolution, one that science can’t locate or define. That is the reason scientist miss the real answer. An extended evolutionary synthesis is going to be another controlled paradigm. Will biologists ever escape their treadmill? The reality seems grim. Because the amount of time spent on something Hoyle made obvious so long ago bodes ill for even assumptions of integrity from scientists.

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