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R48G: the limits of conventional activism

December 23rd, 2016 · No Comments


We need a new activist left, one that moves beyond one issue movements to a project, electoral or revolutionary, to create a new society, culture, politics and economy, revolutionary indeed, any way you look at it.
I see no reason why a coordinated movement could not move toward an electoral regime change, but in practice we must confront the stark reality of a civilization drifting away into oblivion, now made worse by the accession of a figure like Trump. It is hardly necessary to even consider him a legitimate candidate. But he is merely a nightmarish version of the basic problem: capitalism itself. We cannot expect that simply working a simple platform of working class economic gains is going to solve the larger problem of a global system on the brink. We cannot solve the problems indicated without a comprehensive vision of a new kind of society and economy. And with Trump we have a catastrophe in the making as fascist parody threatening to turn into an ex-parody.
Apart from anything else we have the right to demand something better than the fraudulent and manipulated instance of Trump at a time when the planet is at risk while a Twitter nutjob undoes a generation of policy on nuclear weapons. In a strange way Trump is a signal, a sign, that the moment of radical action has arrived.

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