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Xtianity and Islam are doomed, but secular culture isn’t ready for the coming void…

December 25th, 2016 · No Comments

If we study the eonic effect we can see that major religions seldom survive epochal transitions, not even if they undergo ‘reformations’ leading them into a new era. Such a generalization is, however, a bit speculative and leads to a suspicion about what is happening, not a scientific prediction. We have to wonder however if this simple insight isn’t a clue to what we see: the sudden collapsing of the two monotheisms inherited from antiquity. Islam is going to take some time, perhaps, but xtianity is starting to accelerate its dissolution.
At this point we need to caution ‘secularists’ (what does that mean? Reformation xtianity was ‘secular’) against oversimplifications and the dogmas of scientism.

Let’s move to the ominous bottom line: the collapse of xtianity leaves millions on their own without the mysterious spiritual protection provided by their tradition. And the onset of scientism is leading people to the belief that the issue of a spiritual domain and belief in god or a religion are equivalent. They are not. If we exit xtianity, then we are on our own in a spiritual wilderness where we are blind. That is a scary prospect and we can see many casualties already. There is an immense effort in the west to replace the void with New Age substitutes but these are as antiquated as the monotheisms, although they can indeed fill that void to some extent.
But New Age explorations can’t really provide the solution to the riddle of the twin monotheisms whose surface is a mythic concoction but whose deeper mystery remains to be understood.

We have to suspect that xtianity is a derelict by now. The religious right has made a complete horror story out of Calvinist religious economics. It will prove the death of xtianity and its latent radical strain.

Islam is a complicated alternate mystery. But, skirting Islamophobia, we must be vigilant to the limits of Islamic religion and culture and the inexorable passing away of the complex mystery that is/was Islam. In the end it has nothing to do with anti-religion and/or atheism. It is simply the epochal recycling of ancient things that has been underway since the onset of the modern transition.
At The Gurdjieff Con we have pursued this theme with equal force with respect to buddhism (and hindusim). The epochal transformation is slowly but surely going to overtake the third pillar beside xtianity/isalm, buddhism, and this is delayed by the intelligent surface of the latter. But in the end the process will not exempt buddhism. We can’t be sure, of course, and it is easy for these religions to change superficially thus ensuring their further endurance. But in the end something new will take hold. We have many examples from antiquity, but that is a warning of how long the derelicts can endure: we can determine exactly how long it took Egyptian religion to pass away: almost a millennium into the new era.
So we can’t necessarily expect xtianity and islam to simply walk off the stage. But both religions have lost their impetus and fire. They are essentially dead whales washed ashore.

This is not an issue of theism/atheism, or of materialistic values or of the replacement of religion with science. It is simply a sweeping away of dead growth so that a fresh vision can take place. A lot of New Age hype is claiming to be that new vision but the reality is that we confront a mystery that is not reducible to simple terms. In the nonce, the passing away of radical xtianity into right wing oblivion is simply par for the course: another linaage feeds the crow, in the phrase of Yeats…

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