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Xtianity is passing into the rear view mirror…

December 26th, 2016 · No Comments

We have tried to create a balanced take on xtianity from the left, but recently I just gave up on the question, more or less, without getting into Feuerbachian fundamentalism. The crash of xtianity is inevitable. Xtianity is passing into the rear view mirror…
To see the point it is useful (to belabor the obvious) to try an exercise: go to Amazon and look through the databases of books linked to below the title on a main page. Pick a set of topics in opposites, grouped around issues of consciousness, god (or theism/atheism), physics, soul, magic, time/eternity, yoga, mindfulness, jesus… (it gets really hairy, third eye, chakras, astral projection…)…pick a title (try the one below) and then examine the lower level books, picking one and going through one to fifty, etc,… refreshed pages in that fashion. The number of books is soaring into the tens of thousands plus…the bible is a dead letter in this flood of sense/nonsense…
The result shows an immense universe that has recently come into existence (especially since Kindle books, and you can get free samples of virtually everything and thousands of books via Kindle Select for $9.99/month) with the online book world. No religion of the classic dogmatic type can ever again contain the explosion of resources that is driving people to a royal muddle of nonetheless better levels of information. Adherents to religion are being left behind in retardation, granting that reading too much of the current ‘trashy’ bibliographic ‘choppy seas’ can be debilitating.
A whole new class of ‘idiot’ is coming into being here…
Supply and demand is producing a new demand: some kind of survival tactic for information overload, and some kind of key to getting past bad metaphysics. Xtianity makes no sense to anyone anymore unless they are rigidly controlled by a religious context.
My point is that ‘religion’ means making sense of this vast new universe of commercially chaotic and often dishonest literature. No canon of theology is capable of performing such a task, not theology or buddhism or anything else…The reason is that those traditions were not really honest and tried to constrict thinking.
Here’s a book to start: (the issue is not ‘god’: the literature of the new atheism is itself exploding and is a valid part of this new sprawl of texts…):


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