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Review at Amazon of Streeck’s How Will Capitalism End?

Acute analysis of late capitalism with a title that asks a question…As the author notes we see capitalism disintegrating but we see no successor coming to the fore to take its place. The whole system could end up in an entropic social ambiguity short of a next stage. But in part the problem is one of the conception of stages of history: we had expected an evolution in a state transition to the ‘next’ phase. But the ‘stages of production’ theory doesn’t really work here. We need a view of history in which free agents have the potential to create and refound a new economic order to replace the capitalist era. The problem is that the classic socialist ideologies, mostly marxist more or less, have no real conception of historical freedom in this sense. We need to create a new form of socialist or neo-communist framework in which the phase of capitalism is freely taken over and replaced with a system constructed by free men to deal with the crisis of terminating/terminal capitalism.
The reviewer’s
Toward a New Communist Manifesto: The Crisis of Modernity: Postcapitalism in the Era of Climate Calamity (Amazon) suggests a balanced system of opposites in a ‘democratic market neo-communism’ that can transcend the duality of capitalism/postcapitalism in a neo-communist system that expropriates private property (the bourgeoisie) but has elements of planning, markets and autonomous sectors in a tandem that is free from the ‘stages of history’ dilemma, yet one that fulfills the original vision of some form of postcapitalism.

Our model of democratic market neo-communism bypasses the dilemma of what system is to succeed capitalism. DMNC will transcend pairs of opposites here and create a way to bridge the past and future. And it does not require saying what will happen next in some law of history: it is a question of free agents deciding to create a new future.

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