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R48G: a comprehensive strategy, revolution or not

January 4th, 2017 · No Comments


Although the idea of ‘revolution’ is still too radical for most of the current left the reality is that we must consider at the least a larger platform than the usual issue activist initiatives. But let us reconsider dialectically the idea and consider our ideas of democratic market neo-communism as an evolutionary path that is the net equivalent of an electoral transformation of society.
The point here is that we must one way or another think in terms of a comprehensive social/political (even philosophic) transformation of society, however arrived at.

One issue we have dealt with is to reconsider the ‘working class’ focus with a consideration of the universal class. We don’t have a radical working class at this point. We need to recompute the question of class and the left. With an invocation of the universal class we can more efficiently gestate a movement of multiple sectors and at the same time re-invoke the working class as a spear head of the universal class. And this could be the wished for ‘working class’ party that is supposed to take on figures like Trump.
But we need to stand beyond the plaintive appeal to a ‘working class’ who will only listen to economic payoffs for their class alone. In fact, the whole basis of growth is eroding…
In fact we need a balance of classes consisting of those with an allegiance to progressive/leftist causes. Only a segment of the working class will respond to that.
A comprehensive plan must consider
the overall plan for a new economy
the question of post-growth economies
the politics of ecology and the crisis of climate change
a new political system: democracy done right
electoral reform: politics beyond the reach of money
a highly regulated capitalist vestige (an aspect of our DMNC) in the context of renewed efforts at planning
(an autonomous lower level sector as described in our text…)
a complete abolition of the covert agencies with serious questions about future replacements
a complete review of the history of militarism, imperialism and covert war…
and, lest we forget, a clear just and transparent expose and restitution beyond the hidden control of Israel: some resolution of the fiasco of the Isreali rogue state…

The point here is that by invoking the universal class we speak to all parties in the overall system and think in terms of the balance of classes that constitutes the system as it is. There is no reason why this can’t be accompanied at one and the same time by a working class platform, after all everyone save the bourgeoisie is a wage laborer, hence the working class. It would be nice if the sector that is to a high probability the activist group were included in the working class!

It would seem that the American system is a truly wretched corruption of its original intent. We are dealing with a mafia that has spawned the CIA as it is, an org fueled by and controlling the drug trade. That is a level of scandal that discredits the whole affair. But still let us consider at first the chance of an evolutionary path to reform all this. The question is one of clarity, of understanding what the system really is, and of a comprehensive overall social and political renewal.

We must face the reality that a post-growth economy is going to make change in the conventional political sense very difficult, but there is no reason why this ‘revolutionary’ path can’t animate a radical initiative inside the system.

There is one catch here: the issues are really international issues. The exploited are an international dispersed totality. We cannot expect the local class structure to honor the victims of global american capitalism. We are back trying to recreate what we once had: an internationale based on a federation of socialist transitions in particular states. But in the american case we can proceed on a national basis to create a foundation that can universalize.

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