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Suddenly arriving opportunity

January 6th, 2017 · No Comments


Leftist opinion is equivocating the issue of ‘revolution: the most dramatic case being Sanders’ ‘Our Revolution’. But it is also moving almost timidly across the threshold to open advocacy of regime change. As the Trump era comes into effect there is the danger of an increasing sense of intimidation, what to say actual suppression of dissent with an increasingly crypto-totalitarian system. It is almost impossible to see how a revolutionary situation in the sense of regime change could come about, but history shows that this is always the case. The american system at present is especially intimidating and constitutes a monumentally organized system of economic, political, and imperialistic domination, an ironic outcome in what is supposed to be a canonical democracy.

On the path to non-compromise we should compromise with a versioning of revolutionary ideas that can work along the lines of an evolutionary path. And it should be possible to make this something better than still another social democratic fantasy. We should consider that it was the prospect of a communist outcome that drove the New Deal. But we can’t pretend we could replicate that time and period.
We must first create a blueprint for a comprehensive change that is wholistic, however we are to arrive at such a result. Wholistic in the sense of addressing economic, class, political/constitutional, and inevitably general cultural issues. The alternative is a set of isolated initiatives in a void of fragmented issue politics.
I would wager the left/right factions of the CIA already have such plans.

There are a large number of issues that have put the question at the brink: the most dramatic is that of climate change. We have a system out of control on the question of its environmental impacts: the fossil fuel economy needs to be stopped in its tracks and yet its force in the era of Trump has mocked efforts at change with a stupefyingly regressive ostrich outcome to an election, the evolutionary path. The question of climate change is a screamer: the system as such is on the brink, the powers of be in a delusive state of political psychosis: the trend is moving to panic mode. The moral must be, don’t panic, revolt.

The issue requires more than leftist pleading: it is in fact moving towards increasing radicalization in objective terms beyond the perspectives of leftist ideologues. Calamity is starting to suggest the proper state of mind. We should therefore without preaching artificial revolutionary sermons be ready nontheless with a failsafed revolutionary scenario set with no illusions about the dangers of the suddenly arriving opportunity.

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