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  The pernicious myths of Israel in the context of the Axial Age// booknotes: Enigma of the Axial Age

January 7th, 2017 · No Comments

The confusion over judaism (and xtianity) sources in the remarkable phenomenon of the Axial Age whose effect puts the history of Israel in context but which also shows how the whole history has been suffused in illusion and spiritual propaganda. We must see the phenomenon in the context of the entire spectrum of Axial Age transitions which stretched across Eurasia and which clearly are animated by a deeper unified process, one discussed with extreme caution in the book cited here. Here is the point: the idea of a special relationship with god or the intervention of god in history is beggared by the realization that if this were true it would have to be true of all the exemplars of the Axial era, which makes no sense: consider the atheist buddhism, or the Axial Age in Greece…The myth of Israel is a uniquely primitive and arrogant myth attempting to explain something far larger than the transient territorial phenomenon of Israel. The legacy of the latter was a temporary geographical staging area for the generation of monotheism which promptly universalized in the form of religions of universal membership leaving the archaic Israelitism stranded and then destroyed in a ruthless historical outcome that has cursed the whole of judeo-christian history. The hidden spiritual guides of mankind must have cursed their luck at the way the whole experiment foundered in confusion and dual outcomes, driving the whole scene to a further futile attempt to start over with Islam. Jews and christians are both going to lose their traditions: there hardly seems another outcome. Meanwhile the whole effort to posit a middle eastern terrain as a homeland for the jews was a botched concept from the start. The success in bringing it about will sooner or later pass into a reversal of fortune which will require a compassionate intervention against the potential ferocity of those reacting to the impossible circumstance of their misjudged history. It is no accident that the US was a far better homeland for ‘wandering jews’ and that everything about modern Israel has gone wrong from the start.

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