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Sahel: the apocalypse has already arrived…a collation of opposites, and a neo-communist global military…redeeming/transforming a milit/indust complex

January 11th, 2017 · No Comments

https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public?preview=Democratic_Market_Neo_Communism.pdf: DMNC, democratic market neo-communism…
We are beset with thinking in opposites but our version of democratic market neo-communism allows us to reconcile a set of such opposites into a unified system: we no longer have to think in terms of one system turning into another. We see a possible unity of democracy/authority, planned/socialist economy. To be sure, we consider a de facto change of system, of course, and the abolition of private property would seem like a fairly drastic state transition. But even the latter could far less revolutionary than one might think: to start, the change would be a legal definition on paper, while in practice a network of capitalist entities would continue as before, in a transition to the new system, and with the special cases of national/international entities taken into account. In fact, this kind of system allows more than just two opposites in a dialectical combination: it considers low level semi-autonomous sector where a diversity of elements can exist below a certain threshold. And we proceed via equalization, not full equality at the start: full legal, social equality, but possible highly regulated differentials of economic income in a context of transient pathways to a completed communism. This kind of system would need to internationalize and we could ‘sow sedition’ in the ranks of the American military system, say, with the prospect of an imperialism replaced with an internationalized communist army set to commence globalization of the new system.

The transition to communism then could become the redemption of the current american nightmare run by a criminal set of mafias, the deep state factor that is real hidden power.

The previous post linking to a Medium Mag article on the Sahel shows us the obvious: the capitalist powers have already destroyed the habitat and economics of on the order of a billion people! We are not looking at futuristic scenarios but the perpetration of gross injustice by capitalist economics to planetary civilization. We have a kind of karmic debt to that situation and the people entangled in a developing nightmare. We can no longer think in terms of single economies, although we must do that too, but of a whole global system. A neo-communist system, at home, and moving abroad, done with care and socialist axioms could fulfill the destiny of the american system, a system flawed from the start and subject to global ambition. That ambition could be redeemed in paying back the debt to humanity incurred by the plunder of resources and the destruction of ecology.

The crisis is starting to take off into apocalyptic mode: we should be increasingly concerned to prepare our thinking in advance, in terms of more than just the interests of the working class: we have discussed the idea of a universal class. Actually, there is no difference, the two are strongly correlated and overlap to a great extent: we can work with two concepts in tandem. We need in any case to think in terms of a global universal/working class, and the situation demands a solution that is international and nationalistic.
But we need to think in terms of a framework that is able to both adopt and transcend its capitalist starting point via the constitutional expropriation of the capitalist sector, but not necessarily the full abolition of the market. A flexible system thus could allow the solutions needed to be found and developed in an evolutionary path, with or without an initial revolution.
The Lockean concept of private property is obsolete and was always in any case the result of plunder, primitive accumulation.
There can be no fair society with democratic realization in the current system of resource capture and domination under the specious fiction of Lockean legalities. These resources belong to the Commons, and any fair system must recognize the gross distortions of the current system.

I think that the transformation of the military industrial complex into a global army of equalization and economic communism is not only possible but at some point a downright tempting possibility for a militarism now out of control. The center of gravity of the military field deserves a sermon and a plea to ditch its role as a capitalist/imperial gang of looters and become a servant of a new future for human society.

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