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The suspicious connection with transcendental idealism //The Trouble with Quantum Mechanics 

January 16th, 2017 · No Comments

One of the developing aspects of the great QM mystery is the suspicious resemblance to the question of Kant’s transcendental idealism (with Schopenhauer’s in the forefront) and next to that the basic perspective of Advaita’s atman/brahman discourse. The New Age aspect has been so close to mystical abuse of physics for so long we might reject any such connection. But however muddled we suspect there must be a connection.
Finally we have discussed the framework of J.G.Bennett here, and one aspect of his work is his (perhaps premature) construct of ‘time/eternity/hyparxis’ which, however speculative, focuses on the obvious issue with QM and the entanglement problem: something obviously strange about the boundary of space and time in physics: something beyond the spatial/temporal seems intimately involved and this connects at once to Kant and to the Bennett constructs.

Let us hope that physics will be the candidate to resolve this quadruple mystery, but the Kantian distinction of noumenal/phenomenal may be at the heart of difficulties of closing the case in any direction.

Regarding the future of quantum mechanics, I have to echo Viola in Twelfth Night: “O time, thou must untangle this, not I.” Steven Weinberg New York Review of Books

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