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Can the Dems trans/form/mogrify into a (r)evolutionary socialist party? //Reich: 7 Hard Truths for Democrats—The Future Is Bleak Without Radical Reforms 

January 21st, 2017 · No Comments

Although the question remains murky, it is a fact that Sanders chose to stage his socialist thinking via the democratic. What may have started as longshot thinking ended up a provocative success. But the ‘socialism’ was really New Deal-ism. How about a real socialist democratic party with a platform that can lead incrementally beyond capitalism, invoking something along the lines of our democratic market neo-communism. We can amend the formula, short of revolution, we must ask if a majority can expropriate the bourgeoisie and establish a new order of civilization. A third party movement is of course indicated in the minds of many, but as Sanders seems to have realized (I don’t know what he was thinking) success might come via the remorphing of the mainstream party….???

Democrats have to stop squabbling and understand the dire future ahead of us.

Source: Reich: 7 Hard Truths for Democrats—The Future Is Bleak Without Radical Reforms | Alternet

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