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R48G: does revolutionary socialism require male violence or can a women’s version get the job done?

January 21st, 2017 · 2 Comments

The question lingers in the background and is a bit blunt but needs to be brought out in the open. The left has one chance left and needs to get it straight. We need to stop the capitalist juggernaut out of control and about to destroy a planet. It may be too late. The spectre of the kamikazi lurks…
From the looks of things the women’s march shows an ability to organize that is leaving male activists behind, or so it seems. But we need more than a feminist movement base on non-violence and Gandhian sentimentality: we need to consider what a real movement for social change requires, and this provokes the competition of interplay of evolutionary and revolutionary perspectives. The question of feminism has always entered into the socialist equation and we have of course the notable legacy of such as Rosa Luxembourg…

I see no reason why female leadership of an ultra radical movement couldn’t be the case. And we wouldn’t have to exclude relative opposites here in parallel initiatives.

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