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200, 000+ could have triggered a revolution //Overhead shots show massive Women’s March crowds across America.

January 22nd, 2017 · 1 Comment

The Women’s March is a splendid development but it actually suggests its own transformation into a more general movement much further to the left, either as a splinter effect or a whole new movement inspired by the remarkable success here. It is however important to consider the absolutely critical issue of climate change and the crisis the world faces here: one might challenge the March’s organizers to consider the danger of a too narrow focus, and the inevitable intersection (as with Black Lives Matter) with outright neoliberal strains because the issue of class is filtered out. This spectrum will thus tend to move toward the center when what would really be appropriate is a socialist initiative that is also an ecological revolutionary movement to stop the depradation of capitalism…The numbers here are astounding but it is important to consider that half a million protesters could have/could bring down a government and precipitate a revolutionary transitions. Beware, of course, what you wish for, but beware equally of what you don’t.

Source: Overhead shots show massive Women’s March crowds across America.

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