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How about a socialist or revolutionary communist feminism? No, neoliberal feminist capitalism doesn’t deserve any support

January 22nd, 2017 · No Comments


The Women’s March was a splendid development but I left out, stayed at home (I couldn’t afford to attend) and got the feeling that women have left men in the dust here, but without generating a radical movement. Let’s not forget that feminists are going to assimilate into the economy and become to a large degree conservative capitalists and they will end up putting radical males in jail, paranoia? I am exaggerating, obviously. But the

I think the example of Rosa Luxembourg is instructive.
Whatever the case, the movement generated from the Women’s March, if any, needs to deal most of all with the question of climate change. It is sad after being exciting to see the way an opportunity to challenge the system on climate change was lost as the question of gender issues came to the fore. Great. Let it stand, but a march by half a million could have ignited a social revolution. But it didn’t and it won’t in this form…Let’s consider nonetheless this splendid development yet recycle at once to something more comprehensive, transgender, most hopefully socialist or revolutionary communist, and focused on the coming calamity of climate change.

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