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 Religion and science both fail to explain origin of life

January 22nd, 2017 · 1 Comment

However elusive the origin of life for science the religious perspective has not proven any help whatever in resolving the mystery. We have insisted via J.G.Bennett and the question of Samkhya on a universal materialism, but one that can speak to the different domains of the ‘real’: and that includes the factor of ‘will’, as with the views of Schopenhauer. The onset of life in this view stands between the hyponomic and the hypernomic, the latter being the material equivalent of the ‘spiritual’ and an unexplored domain altogether. It is not that the spiritual is an illusion but that the higher material aspect of nature is barely discoverable, so far, to science.
We have discussed this a considerable length in Enigma of the Axial Age…

At Algemeiner: Question: I’m a little confused here. You have said repeatedly in this lecture and in other lectures, and in your books, that we haven’t the

Source: Rabbi Moshe Maverick challenges physicist Paul Davies on origin of life | Uncommon Descent

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