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The Inane Beliefs of the Discovery Institute

January 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

The ID camp has foundered in a whole set of confusions even as it has rightly pursued the critique of darwinism. That critique is the result of scientific critics and has been appropriated by creationists and the more ambiguous ID-ist discourse on design from which conventional biology might learn something if the insight could be extracted from religious/creationist confusion.
But the conservative character of contemporary xtianity has perverted not only the theological but also the attempted scientific perspective of the critics of darwinism. The party line outright distortion on climate change subjects the whole ID movement to skeptical doubt.
The right wing economics of the gang of capitalist calvinists shows only a dead/dying religion that has lost its future.
The often cogent material on evolution shows up the biological communist as incompetent but doesn’t really produce real scientific clarity on the issue of design, an issue equally muddled by such as Dawkins in his obsession with darwinian scientism as the antidote to religion.
The confusion by the Discovery gang over climate change is inexcusable and subjects their whole critique of evolutionism to charges of dishonesty, despite the inherited rightness of much of their criticism based on the work of scientists and figures like Michael Denton.

1. Climate Alarmism – why do Atheists/Materialists think they can recognize and understand true climate facts and extrapolate them into valid theories about the

Source: The Inane Beliefs of Atheists/Materialists | Uncommon Descent

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