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Constitutional and/or labor activist reform/revolution//A Short History of Liberal Myths and Anti-Labor Politics

January 24th, 2017 · No Comments

A useful essay at Counterpuch, see link below…
How does our formulation of the Red Forty-eight Group square with the obvious issues raised in this essay from Counterpunch. Our framework can easily answer to the problems explored and just as easily succumb to the distortion of its axioms in failing to realize its potential.
The point is that given a revolutionary restart an immense number of problems can be solved constitutionally: the capitalist class is expropriated and the Commons becomes a shared resourse (transnationally?). With that fundamental transformation many other problems would arise but the basic issue would resolved with or without an actual working class factor, a dangerous assumption that might fail in real time. But the basic format is essential whatever else can happen after that.
The point is that equality is a basic tool to craft a new social formula, with the issue of the Commons and the move beyond private property are deducible as ‘communism’ from the principle of fairness and the givens of primitive accumulation, the plunder of the Commons, by the former capitalist class.
The issues of the working class in the context of a planned and/or market sector would be solved in principle but in practice might require mediation by working class faction of the representative system, even as the overall matrix guaranteed a set of robust economic rights, again a constitutional/legal solution.
In general marxist formulations despite their cogency overall fail to consider the limits of the working class perspective: we must ask what will happen as revolutionary radicals come into power and predict in advance how we will deal with their transformation into potentially a new class. And we must consider all the subsets of the universal class, including the business class, even as a distinct set of capitalists disappears into a neo-communist system which still however has element of the former market system. etc…
The point is that the core of the set of dilemmas can be solved by a revolutionary ‘re-constitution’ which then must be carefully balanced in order to make is elements function properly.

In any case we must consider in advance the total overall effect of former classes becoming the universal class, and that includes the powerful and instant corruption of a revolutionary ‘new class’ likely to form in an ill-considered formula of socialism or communism.

Democrats, liberals, and Social Democrats have been throwing up their hands about Donald Trump’s victory and the loss of the traditional white working-class base of the Democratic Party. Maybe Bara…

Source: A Short History of Liberal Myths and Anti-Labor Politics

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