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 The Ayn Rand fiasco

January 27th, 2017 · No Comments

I tried to read Atlas Shrugged decades ago but couldn’t get very far, such a stupid book. But we can see the demonic calamity unfolding in Ryan’s adolescent obsessions here…He deserves to be called out as stupid indeed.

If you’re House Speaker Paul Ryan, what keeps you awake at night is the tyranny of the takers over the makers. That’s the theme of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, which was published in 1957 and is one of three books that Ryan says he returns to regularly, along with the Bible and The Road to Serfdom. Like Sorokin, Rand was born in Russia and later moved to the United States. In her vision, social collapse is brought on by the masses strangling the golden goose by killing off or regulating the captains of industry. In Rand, there’s no such thing as the public good. The only good, and the only point of life, is profit. The path to it is unbridled selfishness.

Source: Why Is the GOP Obsessed with Two 1950s Russian Expat Thinkers? – In These Times

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