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Leninism was a superfluous option. At the point of no return revolution in some form is our only option…//R48G tag

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We have spoken of the despair option, one that I don’t accept, as such, but situation we confront is stark: at least we can project what should be the case. We are at the point of no return, forsaking a revolutionary option would be irresponsible, a unique and novel situation. Some might say that Lenin was superfluous: Russia had a revolution already and might have done better without bolshevism, so many have always said. That doesn’t stand as an analysis, but…
Our situation is different: capitalist lunatics are content to waste a planet. They will be dead by the time the disaster strikes. We are confronted by three options: slavery, kamikazis, and Option Three, which is? We must assume the right of revolution with far more logic than any that have come before us. Perhaps a variant of the American Revolution might help, despite the limited character of that boondoogle that resulted in an atrocious pseudo-democracy that plundered a whole continent and thence a planet. Go back and study the reality: it is disgusting.

Our two manifestos are post-marxist, if informed by the marxist legacy, and both propose and transcend the format of cliche revolution. Our platform of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is designed to stand beyond a set of opposites and could certainly, conceivably, reconcile the opposition of revolution/electoral evolution.
The marxist platform was always flawed. For reasons not always clear. We are out of time to completely replace that and can simply take it as a legacy guide. What we can’t do is allow the cult of marxists to demand conformity to Marx in a dogmatic fashion. We must restate what the original marxists stated, mindful of the challenges of such as Bakunin, and create a fresh interpretation that nonetheless remains faithful to postcapitalist assumptions. But our framework doesn’t even demand we totally renounce markets, only their supremacy in the mad logic of ‘free market’/Ayn Rand insanity. We can hope to remorph a bourgeois ‘democracy’ into a hybrid communist/market mix with both strong government and anarchist subsets.
The key issue is the abolition of private property, capital and a constitutional foundation for that. Unless we can return capital to a Commons we are going to turn in circles in social democratic hype.

Our manifestos need an extension: the issue of an international system that mediates trade relations between socialisms and other entities short of such a transition. We should consider a set of planetary sectors North and South America, Africa, Europe, Near and Far East, Oceania, in a postcapitalist unity with a ‘united nations’/federation and/or world regulatory system.

Whatever the case the verdict on capitalism has suddenly gelled and we confront the end of the ‘end of history’ meme. And a scary moment is emerging with a duality we don’t want: totalitarian capitalism or stalinist postcapitalism.
A variant of the American Revolution suggests a battle against an imperialism, the American, and this would have an international component from the start. This would be an anticapitalist initiative in search of democracy, a world system in embryo, and a revolutionary constitutional search. The outstanding marxist cadres are a core resource here but they must snap out of legacy hypnosis and recast their subject and renounce false allegiance to failed legacies. It is possible to argue the bolshevik phase wasn’t even socialist and should be discarded.
We have to assure a present and future public their faith in a neo-communism is not going to turn Stalinists and can deliver.

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