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R48G: creating a revolutionary failsafe //Could Trump’s Scary Planned Immigration Roundup Split the Country and Provoke Political Violence? 

January 30th, 2017 · No Comments

When I wrote Last and First Men, published two years ago, the prospect of revolution seemed remote, but I always felt the potential was gestating rapidly, especially after 2008. But now it is clear that the crisis is coming to a head and this in the context of an imminent possible climate catastrophe. But we need to be careful. The issue is Trump, and yet not: it is the larger field of the neoliberal ‘deep state’.
Our attempt to codify a format of revolution/evolution is thus appropriate and relevant as the chaos arising is amplified by the lack of any clear vision of what to do. Neither conventional activism nor radical marxism quite have the answers. We have tried to create a hybrid in our various manifestos. The revolution that seemed unlikely is just about here.

Approaching Civil Strife There’s nothing normal about the emerging political landscape and forthright pledges of defiant resistance now surfacing across America as it pertains to defending undocumented immigrants. Just as progressive governors, mayors and local officials are declaring their intention to protect immigrants, Republican politicians—like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott—said he would seek laws to fire any sheriff would help federal immigration officials. He singled out the new sheriff in Travis County—where Austin is—Sally Hernandez, who said, “Our jail cannot be perceived as a holding tank for ICE or that Travis County deputies are ICE officers.” Abbott said, “We will remove her from office.” “I do think that we are in the most serious existential internal crisis since 1860,” wrote Sanford Levinson, an emeritus constitutional scholar at the University of Texas Law School, in a late 2016 article specifically probing whether Trump’s pledged immigration crackdown could push the country toward civil war.

Source: Could Trump’s Scary Planned Immigration Roundup Split the Country and Provoke Political Violence? | Alternet

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