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Red Forty-eight Group: Two Manifestos

January 30th, 2017 · No Comments

We have invoked failsafes: here’s ours…
https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public?preview=Two+Manifestos+version+2.pdfIf we examine the Russian revolution we see that the liberal bourgeois revolution was taken over by the Lenin coup, and whatever we feel about that the fact remains that many have demurred at that point.

Our manifestos are designed for many different outcomes: an electoral progression to a constitutional convention, a revolutionary change of government, and finally a neo-communist take over that can refound the system around a new set of principles that deal with:

the question of capital: communist expropriation
a hybrid of market, planned and semi-anarchist potentials
a new politics beyond the power of money
a strong presidential system based on the guardianship of the new system
a strong congressional and court system to mediate conventional politics and economy in the new system
ecological courts to ensure the reconciliation of nature and industrialism
economic populist bills of right to ensure the solution to ‘working class’ issue
an international project (this is so far with respect to the US system) to create a federation of socialism
a new kind of United Nations (based on the old one?) to mediate ecological globalization: the seeds of a true world system…

This was a three sector society based on a planned economy, a market subset, and an autonomous lower threshold level, etc…
This system must resolve the horror of the ‘deep state’ (cf. the definition of Longren)
and have solutions to the question of covert agencies, the milit-complex, imperial wars, Wall Street, etc…

We have considered this a failsafe and a challenge to not squander opportunities. Revolutionary situations too often veer off into distortion. But so do evolutionary platforms.
Any activist spectrum will be under great pressure to compromise, first with social democratic halfway houses, then with the wished new FDR, then a democratic hype routine about the working class, etc…
Our manifestos are a warning of the true difficulty of doing it right.

I personally don’t think (and Longren’s The Deep State, which I have started reading, makes the point fairly clear) the current system can easily be reformed. But a revolution would be as gross as the Civil War and could be calamitous.

But are at the point of no return on climate change with a president who wants to take us over the cliff. It induces a new clarity. The index of violent conflict tolerance is shifting rapidly when you are as good as dead anyway.

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