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The Deep State…the problem is worse than even Lofgren thinks

January 31st, 2017 · No Comments


Here’s the Intro for the excellent book on the Deep State by Lofgren.

But this work misses what I had often called the ‘deep state’, more in the sense of Peter Dale Scott and his version, which includes something deep indeed: we aren’t really sure what it is. But with the 9/11 conspiracy we can see that it showed its hand pretty clearly. Much analysis of that by ‘truthers’ gets confused by claims of an inside job imply Bush at the time was the perpetrator, or even in the know. We can’t really be sure of that. There is a hidden fascist secret controller behind the scenes and it has perpetrated an attack on its own citizens.

We have tabled the ‘virtual revolution’ and while the general left may not be ready for that or opposed to it if it ceases to be ‘virtual’ it is nonetheless important to consider the issue and all that it implies. We confront a monstrosity that, among other atrocities, has simply destroyed Iraq. The Afghan war is a drug mafia boondoogle run by part of our government, effectively beyond the accounting of government or the public. That’s merely a part of the larger problem.

Here’s one idea or version of a virtual revolution in action…
A properly organized movement such as we saw with the women’s movement could at one level of the virtual revolution bring hundreds of thousands of people to march on Washington demanding regime change, while maintaining a non-violent posture. At that point the issue of an actual revolutionary overthrow could be tabled as a threat, but not yet in motion…

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