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Fascism’s forms //Historian Richard Evans says Trump’s America isn’t exactly like the Third Reich—but it’s too close for comfort.

February 11th, 2017 · No Comments

The issue of Trump and fascism isn’t necessarily the point: the core can be the same, but the real issue is spontaneous destructive behavior, perhaps induced externally. We should distinguish ‘fascism’ as a category, as an historical set of instances, and nazism, which was far more deadly.
We cannot easily in a secular context discuss here the issues cited at The Gurdjieff Con and the multiple rumors of occult mind control, next to the known cabals (mostly bogus) such as Duggin/Putin connection/axis. It is my opinion there is such a connection, but that it got found out and was discontinued. But a surprise reactivation is always possible. Trump should not be a president. Isn’t it obviously outlandish and bizarre what has happened? It shows many signs of, well, fascist imitations, and parody rather than categorical instancing…
Note that fascism invokes apparently a will to power, but as noted at The Gurdjieff Con the hidden intent can be a will to destroy. Nazism contained a will to destroy many things, e.g. modernity, along with a conspiracy against jews…

The Trump phenom nonetheless shows a number of characteristics of the fascist type. We are missing something and the Putin connection remains a question mark. The Russian world has a familiarity with occult fascism lacking in the US…
The different aspects are confusing: an individual can aspire to a ‘fascist’ analog while an external action can use an individual for another definition of fascism. What does all this mean?
We need to be concerned with the real danger: reckless behavior with a military and other aspects and the exploitation of reckless behavior from an unknown source…We simply don’t know if occult fascism is at work behind Trump. But we have shown a few clear suggestions of what is going on and the extreme danger of Trump being used to trash american democracy and/or precipitate a global military fiasco…

this doesn’t quite make sense….

Source: Historian Richard Evans says Trump’s America isn’t exactly like the Third Reich—but it’s too close for comfort.

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