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Atheism, new atheism, and the illusions of Israel

February 12th, 2017 · No Comments

One of the failures of the ‘new atheist’ movement is its attack on all religion (where some are non-theistic) even as it turns a blind eye to the question of judaism and israel. One of the dangers of the anti-religion stance is, among many confusions, failure to realize that ‘being jewish’ is a religious stance and that ‘secularization’ invokes assimilation. This perspective was actually very strong at one point but has waned in recent generations. And in part this is due to the malevolent influences of israeli politics and its religious chauvinism buttressed by far right christian evangelicals. Asking jews to assimilate in the name of anti-religion is a contradictory stance, and potentially an extreme position. At one and the same time the fact remains that the waning of christianity has resulted in many jewish efforts to create jewish-dominated substitutes. But once again that is only a transient phase. The reality is that the factor of assimilation is far stronger than we think. In fact our analysis is correct: secularization will lead, by and large, to assimilation. But the stubborn confusion of israel remains: the failure to create a secular post-religious democracy is an almost tragic outcome. But here again the trend over time will mot likely lead to a post-judaic ‘isreal’ or even a new oikoumene beyond israel. The rightwing christianity that has fed the isreali apartheid system will undermine itself and prove its own undoing. The New Atheist movement has completely failed on this question and is, if anything, biased n favor of the israeli montrosity. So the catch of the secular atheist stance is its bias on the issue of judaism. We cannot really promote assimilation, it is too extreme. In reality the process is happening anyway and at the current rate the question of jewish assimilation will solve itself, leaving only the increasingly demented fiasco of israel to a new movement beyond its narrow ethnocentric pseudo-secularism…

In the end however successors to the ‘new atheism’ will emerge and prove more adept at dealing with the complications of man’s religious history than the lame and narrow ‘new atheism’ which is mostly a kind of cultic reverse faith.

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