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Christian history is such a hopeless mess that the religion simply dismantles itself …

February 16th, 2017 · No Comments

Christian history is such a hopeless mess that the religion simply dismantles itself and we can see the accelerating collapse of its belief system and the exploitation created by its orthodoxy and faith nexus.

We have claimed that in the wake of the age axial the judaic corpus spawned a new religion under the aegis of unknown spiritual powers: a point analyzed in Enigma of the Axial Age.
But the point here is that the background spiritual induction did not determine the form which arrives as ‘man makes himself’. The point here is that the bible has no special spiritual status. It is not the word of god, and in the end we can’t find even a satisfactory factual account of the person ‘jesus’ and the fake history constructed around him…The effect of the modern reformation was to first try to refound/recreate christianity and then to dismiss it as the rising tide of secularism, as spiritual as anything in religion, began to dissolve the whole structure.

If we study the eonic effect we see that we can with more justice call the modern transition an age of revelation. We should not do that save to note the totally misleading old testament history, next to the confused onset of christianity. It is true that this process helped to create a new civilization in the end beyond the corrupt and cancerated roman world but with onset of modernity the whole game begins to move in a new direction. It is only a matter of time before the whole judeo-christian game dissipates but the phenomenon of modern israel has created an immense complication that will probably destroy american civilization (what to say of the middle east…)…enough’s enough!

Americans need to come to their senses and stop this horror of israel which threatens to discredit american democracy.

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