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Will the red forty-eight group have to expropriate the capitalist con called facebook? zuckerberg a capitalist class enemy mouthing fake leftist bromides?

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Is zuckerberg’s ‘manifesto’ an attempt to displace the classic versions and in the process my own (I would bet that figure is aware of our TNCM). Whatever the case the limits of facebook are starkly evident in its siamesed pathology of being a capitalist system. A venture capitalist with code stolen from its creator has produce a curious monstrosity, and now this fellow wishes to pontificate on a phony issue of globalization with no mention of the issues of economics. A man worth 36 billion could fund a considerable social movement to eliminate inequality and could fund a revolutionary org such as the R48G. No such luck: this garbage, which appeals to millions who can suddenly have a free website, is no doubt controlled de facto by wall street.
Actually, our title is a horrid effort to be scary from the left: our manifesto proposes a market neo-communism and it might well leave such entities as facebook to its ‘sector three’ autonomous zone as the small fry of innovation, a decision for one of our economic courts. But the size of the operation has probably violated our ‘size’ criteria and would be annexed to the Commons. As it tries to indulge in distorted propaganda on a pseudo-left it triggers the transition to a different status, after the revolution… A version of facebook in this fashion could be an immensely useful vehicle for postcapitalist sociality, but it is not hard to see how something far superior could be created from scratch on the left. There is something peculiar about facebook, no doubt its capitalist schizophrenia…But we should be healthily wary of these crypto-fascist corporations: they can sell themselves to billion plus public…The left should take note, code included…

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