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R48G: revolutionary rivals…the revolution from the right, arctic bunkers for a few thousand survivors, and the danger of leninist psycopaths…

February 21st, 2017 · No Comments


We have to assume that despite our discussions of ‘revolution’ the current spectrum of ‘lefts’ is going to continue along attempted electoral lines. We always thought so but at a minimum the revolutionary endorsement is a way to fuel its own opposite and at the same time to enforce the ‘logic of comprehensive change’. The latter is lacking in the usual discussions of issue activism which mostly fret over creating a working class third party and maybe maybe’s…We can with complete solidarity assist all such initiatives but at the same time take up the third little pig’s sermon to his confrere’s.

In the end it may be the left will be forced to seek refuge in a revolutionary option. And it could also be that this will emerge suddenly in the context of social chaos.
There is still another aspect to this: I often wonder why I bother to discuss or promote this alternative: one reason is that those with more opportunity for revolutionary options are going to blow it and it is important to consider if our ‘revolutionary promo’ isn’t actually a sprint toward a downfield tackle of the sure to emerge ‘stalinists’ hiding behind ‘leninists’. And these will be a version in disguise of the same old elites now so powerful. Putin as a type comes to mind.
We must without delay start to ‘catch’ the totalitarian revolutionaries already in formation and/or the cia impostors we must suspect already being funded.

This is not encouraging. Or is it not? But we must be ready to try and redirect the ‘other revolutionaries’ if they begin to usurp the potential for a truer and fresh realization beyond the stale leninist gangs.

The left has never truly formed its foundation, Marx or not, nor had a real opportunity that wasn’t usurped by the revolutionary psychopaths…

We are at the threshold of a climate catastrophe and that alone, next to a larger set of justifications (consider previous post), is going to flush out all sorts of revolutionary types. We need to be able to freely discuss the spectrum, and to recall the fate of the many social groups on the left liquidated in the russian brand. The only solution is a complex hybrid of strong revolutionary authority generating a new foundation for democracy, along with a promise to forswear red terrors, and still another corrupt covert agency to replace the CIA and probably staffed by the original gangs.

The point: we have never seen a revolution beyond the original version of the foundational moment and the ambiguous civil war. We must be clear that we have no real models, and that minds set in the mold of leninism are going to usurp the bare opportunity if it comes. It is therefore doubly important to figure through the potential of the ‘virtual revolution’ and study the chessboard in its multiple aspects and combinations.
And at some point the revolution from the right is going to impose a regime of its own in a faux revolution whose final outcome will be bunkers in the arctic for a few thousand as billions are left to perish.
We must be prepared to go down fighting here and the crucial moment is approaching…

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