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Differential nationalism and reciprocal ‘colonialism’ (??? beware, gedanken experiment)..Mr. Trump tear down that wall…

February 22nd, 2017 · No Comments


Having come to support brexit, after the fact, I did not take a position in advance, due to the EU treatment of greece, the question now is to backpedal somewhat on the issue of a future for the result: it seems that ‘unions’ of states are both the path to the future but also problematically obstacles to global unities in the diversity of possibilities. The EU creates a possibly false unity of contiguous boundary fallacies and becomes, as with Greece, a monstrosity exploiting its own boundaries and a de facto menace to the larger universe not included, e.g. africa…
If we consider internationalization in light of the ‘eonic effect’ we see that the ideal was frittered away in the dread course of imperialism: core modern states externalized the macro effect by establishing differential nationalisms, an idea rapidly undone by economic/colonial/imperialistic interpretations. All relationships should have been reciprocal differential nationalisms. The ‘moderns’ were too primitive for such an approach, to the great impoverishment of ‘modernity’.

The question of england’s future remains obscure, but the point might be that more complex ‘unities’ remain to be explored: the old british commonwealth is already an historical exemplar, despite the exploitative foundation of the original formation.

The point for this post is to consider ‘differential’ nationalism, along with the consideration of the infinite domain of ‘national’/’transnational’ subsets and sub-unions. Economic trade actions instantly invoke the idea which can however be generalized to something meta-economic suited to the era of globalization.

The confusion could be rescued from the left by making fairness and transculturalism basic and considering unities of different types of subsets. Consider reciprocal colonialism in a unity of Belgium and the Congo: the original idea was one of modernization gone awry in statist/nationalistic imperialism. But there is no reason that such a relationship had to be corrupted, save for the effect of capitalism, etc… In the end belgium just might become a colony of the Congo: everyone should have done it right from the start.

Belgium/Congo could have been a trans-state unity in a state of differential nationalism to the profit of both. In an era of crisis immigration an opportunity was lost, and the ‘heart of darkness’ factor of course obscures the ‘might have been’ idea. Fro the idea to work two states must have fair reciprocal relations and differential migration flows/citizenship…immigration flows don’t have to be totally unrestricted…

This is a gedanken experiment, and the example maybe a bad idea, but the point is simply that contiguous unions are misleading. Trade relations show the obvious: unions can be non-contiguous…
In any case what is needed now is a postcapitalist system of transnational/differential nationalisms based on intelligent economic and cultural relationships. The game has passed its moment perhaps, and moved on: we confront the end state where a global totality is the issue. We need of course contiguous, non-contiguous and possibly other systems in many hybrids… In the end we need a global system of systems that are based on something more than capitalism…

Our idea of democratic market socialism is easily adapted to such an analysis and the idea in fact suffers from its nationalistic bent. The idea of a federation of socialist republics actually got it right in one way a long time ago, at least in principle.

The point is that nationalism, note the regressive era of Trump, is passing away, and ironically the transnational ‘nationalism’ of the EU is not really an exception…

Our gedanken experiment could be a bad idea in many renderings, we should beware…but territorial thinking is basically dog-scent thinking.

In the era of Trump the reality is that the US is already muddled by its imperialistic Monroe Doctrine when the reality is that close to home the onset of differential nationalism is at hand with Mexico and Canada: a higher unity based on postcapitalist transculturalism is more or less inevitable…Mr. Trump, tear down that wall!

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