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Breaking with the past

February 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

This is an eloquent post on lenin and bolshevism but it indulges the legacy in a way that we have critiqued: a revolutionary movement for our time must start fresh and not try to base itself on justifications of lenism. It ends up as a futile exercise in trying to arrive at the facts: is this interpretation factually correct.

I think the left should discuss the problems with lenin and the bolshevik revolution openly, disavow its history and make clear that a new revolutionary initiative will not repeat the old and be open about the confusions of leninism. Dropping the past can still imply its study but the whole question of ‘what is to be done’ must answer to all the difficulties of earlier lefts with a clear program and a pledge to not repeat old errors. People forget that leninism arrived in a surprise fashion. We could never repeat the sequence in any case.

An earlier post on lenin:
from yesterday: Our cautionary tale as to ‘marxism’ can be seen from this webpage: what it says is actually not true. The capitalists have smeared the bolshevik revolution, no doubt, but these marxists have become confused about the facts of the case, and this analysis is not correct and thee is no chance ‘marxists’ are going to get this straight, it seems…

The bolshevik revolution was a huge opportunity and it was a blown opportunity. That fact has to be faced.

We have recommended a new formulation, starting with disuse of the term ‘marxist’: it is a cultic confusion and ‘marxists’ show all the signs of a cult…the left needs to ruthless examine the facts of the case of the russian revolution and start from scratch with a post-marxist movement, revolutionary or evolutionary.
We will discuss this tomorrow…

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