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Red Forty-eight Group: the rising tide of resistance: point of no return…

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We had a huge surge in traffic yesterday (it’s been increasing since last year, and then before with the OWS), 17K visits/60K page views, and we assume this is due to the topical question of the ‘Resist Trump’ era. This blog has a huge amount of material and can be disorienting. It contains many news links with daily original material always on the top for that day. An archive of the original material without the news links is recast daily and can be a library for the last two years. The blog’s original slant was the darwin debate and this material is controversial but lately the critique of darwinism has gone mainstream. The blog has a lot of literature on issues of religion, history, economics, and philosophy.
There are other associated blogs, e.g. redfortyeight.com and that domain name has spawned a leftist name category: We have in the last year thought in terms of a virtual/gedanken experiment, The Red Fortyeight Group, tagged R48G, and this refers to the revolutionary period of the 1840’s, we are the children of that moment and must live to fulfill the resolution of the capitalist age one way or another.
There is an immense amount of material under the search string as follows:

The blog is associated with the website history-and-evolution.com which has links to a considerable literature doubly in book form and free pdf’s…
Our perspective can be found in the book Last and First Men, and our two Manifestos, Toward a New Communist Manifesto, and Democratic Market Neo-communism.
We have proposed a twin line of activist radicalism: electoral and the virtual revolution, the question of revolutionary action lurking as a challenge to the evolutionary path. The latter begins with a critique of leninist legacies that have become obsolete and yet which remain to inform discussions.
There is a lot of critique of legacy marxism here and while we in one way embrace that legacy we have tried to suggest a new post-marxist set of concepts that can enforce a recompute of the older legacy.
In some ways we have tried to construct an OWS version of a radical postmarxist ‘marxism’ based on a consideration of a form of neo-communism. We have produced a set of models of a social system based on this that creates a sectored construct of a new democratic politics, an ecological economics, based on a communist theme: the Commons. This is placed in a three sector system: The Commons at the foundation with a planed sector, and market sector and an autonomous sector. Consider our manifestos…

The issue of climate change is very troubling and is beginning to radicalize what Bernie Sanders called ‘Our Revolution’ to a real/realistic version of that. But there is no reason as such that a unified left can confront and shock the system as it is into a revolutionary transition. The key is to reach a point of clarity and consensus that can generate spontaneous action.

We consider the need to at least be ready when a revolutionary collapse occurs: the french and russian revolutions simply happened without much of a plan. We must be ready because the point of no return is either here, or imminent, beyond which Planet Earth ceases to support human life. Point of No Return

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