History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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A church of historical memory…at the brink of a new future…should kids have to share christianity with gangster politicians lying about their faith?

March 3rd, 2017 · No Comments

One might think that our proposition on christianity leaves the question, why bother? why not just move into ‘secularism’? True enough. But there is a catch here: one needs to understand what the history of christianity was and what it was about. And that is not so simple. Doing that is tantamount to the near impossibility of evolving into a new species of man…The history of the Axial Age stands behind the ‘fake’ history of the old and new testaments and that history is so rich it can generate ten religions before breakfast. Maybe, as in Last and First Men with its ‘virtual church of the holy brick’, we proceed througha series of virtual religions emerging as ‘moments’ of continuous reformation.

In any case the history of christianity however full of illusions is a truly stunning riddle. Who needs religion is you simply attempt to understand that riddle…

Meanwhile the christian landscape is a form of gnostic litter: we need to clean it up and create a higher secularism (which is indifferent to religion or not, dialectically speaking)…meanwhile why should kids be subjected to the social sphere of public religion operated by hypocrites, liars, machiavellians, and political riffraff of all types?

The individual thus needs to step out of a given religion to find a version of his soul and individuality without being caught up in the mafia of an established church…

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