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From the ashes of hegelian zizekism,  a good idea//Slavoj Zizek: We Must Rise from the Ashes of Liberal Democracy – In These Times

March 4th, 2017 · No Comments

A selection from Zizek. After so many books it is not clear if Zizek is even a revolutionary or a marxist: let’s compete on terms if not celebrity and if we consider the judicious demand for a ‘new international’ we must remake the legacy of marxism to a post-stalinist era: DONE! We call Zizek’s attention to our two manifestos with a RFC (a complete waste of time, celebrities have to ignore peons).
Our framework is designed to be ‘component communism’ in a nation state. But we must reinvent the ‘international’: zizek quite right

Trump is a threat to global stability—only a new Left international can beat him

Source: Slavoj Zizek: We Must Rise from the Ashes of Liberal Democracy – In These Times

We have challenged zizek on the issue of hegelianism (his back emphasis was however a most seminal consideration), postmodern muddle, psychoanalysis and lacan, etc…We have proposed a new way to recast/comment on the ‘marxist’ legacy. A new international is going to founder in dogmatic marxism/leninism.
But Zizek’s efforts, even if they go out the window, cracked the zombie trance of the older dogmatisms, we should consider some aspects of his contribution which has grown into a swamp…

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