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Liberalism/ death and resurrection??//City of Rod : Democracy Journal

March 4th, 2017 · No Comments

The study of the eonic effect shows liberalism to a prime outcome of the modern ‘transition’, but by that token we can learn to step out of this mysterious mechanization to re-realize the potential of that dynamic period. But that period had multiple parallel outcomes…consider the dawn of post-liberalism on the left, etc…
Further than this we have suggested that liberalism reinvent itself in a communist axiomatic: our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is really a matrix in which a form of futuristic ‘liberalism’ dies and resurrects in terms of the Commons.

Suffice to say, some find the moral landscape of modernity rather impoverished, and the options for pursuing it in a liberal world frustratingly limited. One can chase what one believes to be the good life, but one cannot place moral claims on others. This is the “catch,” as it were, of liberalism: “Liberalism,” political theorist Judith Shklar wrote, “has only one overriding aim: to secure the political conditions that are necessary for the exercise of personal freedom.” Or, as Catholic philosopher Jacques Maritain had it: “Obey none but yourself.”

Source: City of Rod : Democracy Journal

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