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Eonic effects //In Defense of Multiculturalism

March 6th, 2017 · No Comments

Our historical framework can be helpful in getting past notions of the judeo-christian west in europe. The question of multiculturalism is slightly different. But our point is that in the progression of cultural constructs there is no ‘West’, no ‘European civilization’ and finally no christian implication one way or the other. Our framework thinks in terms of transitions in a complicated sequence and modernity is the latest phase of this ‘eonic effect’ and this ‘modernity’ shows a ‘frontier’ effect reciprocal to general eurasia as staging ground for a new phase of globalization (cultural, not economic). The ‘western’ orientation is thus an illusion, a transient effect. The modern transition clearly induced a set of reformations against the theocratic catholicism of the medieval period and then this began to move into a post-religious brand of so-called secularism…It is thus misleading on the part of cultural conservatives to speak of a judeo-christian west in europe. That fascist disciples should speak of christian culture at all is a form of grotesque muddle.

The issue of islamophobia is again a mess of pottage. Clearly the islamic wish to create a moslem caliphate is as absurd a hope as the conservative christian chauvinism with equal ambitions on the future. That future can only be ‘modernity’ in a very general sense (which doesn’t automatically exclude religion). The issue of islamophobia is critical but therefore does not preclude critiques of islamic religion from perspectives such as secular humanism. The latter are important because the islamic world like the christian is stuck in a religious past. This is not the same as the issue of jihadism. This situation is grossly complicated by the criminal exploitation of false-flag black ops to promote a ‘war on terror’, viz. the 9/11 conspiracy of the american deep state.
Much of the dilemma over multiculturalism is thus about the issue of ‘modernity’ confused with a non-existent ‘christian culture’ in the ‘west’ of ‘europe’. We can as well challenge certain fallacies of multiculturalism as propose some challenge to the ‘other’ in islam. The key to the problem is the way that multiple cultural streams interact with modernity to produce new parallel and related outcomes of a common already global post-european ‘oikoumene’.

Multiculturalism is, the right argues, synonymous with globalization, globalism and a global elite that is intent on destroying something they refer to as ‘Judeo-Christian civilization’. It’s the sort of end of days verbiage you may, until recently, have associated with far right websites, blogs and magazines, produced by Hitler freaks and tobacco-chewing gun nuts and militia types. But now, today, it’s in the mainstream, spouted by none other than Trump’s chief political adviser, his brain, Steve Bannon. In 2016 Bannon delivered a speech to a gathering of US conservatives, during which he excoriated the EU for allowing “the complete collapse of the Judeo-Christian West in Europe.”

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