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R48G:  philosophy, eonic effects //Terry Eagleton’s Materialism treats its arguments like carelessly piled bricks

March 8th, 2017 · No Comments

In proposing a new platform for neo-communism the R48G take might be an almost cliched ‘by the book’ ‘eonic’ version of the history of philosophy that leapfrogs between Plato and Kant, adopts a short version of Spinoza on the way via the ‘philosophes’ to Kant/Schopenhauer and Hegel. This grand triad of german classical philosophy creates the masterchord of modern philosophy. Everything that comes later including Nietzsche is a complex series of echoes and the whole postmodern phase is already looking like an illusion about to evaporate. Here our preoccupation with marxism finds its critique and a new rationale: our macro effect shows the way. We can simply take the onset of marxism as a phase colored by the continuation of the philosophy ‘eonic effect’ as a downshifted positivism/materialism, etc…this has prejudiced the crucial core of the Marx/Engels/socialist legacy with a too constricted wrapper.
In any case a simple continuation beyond the postmodern generation requires a classic canon that is not obsessed with futile attempts at philosophic originality…

Source: Terry Eagleton’s Materialism treats its arguments like carelessly piled bricks

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