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R48G: problem solved? everything you need in a movement…

March 12th, 2017 · No Comments

This is a useful and insightful discussion: but it never even refers to communism and we claim to have solved the problem here with our discussions of revolution/evolution, the R48 group,democratic market neo-communism, with a set of manifesto style potentialities about a transition beyond capitalism and a crisis response to climate catastrophe. We have of course done no such thing, and yet…we have simply taken up the most classic mainline and its ‘memes’, but with a difference…

In many ways the older left solved the problem in the wake of the french revolution. This was taken up by Marx/Engels who feared the dissipation of a socialist perspective and their formulation became a classic, although one that is too dogmatic now, and confused by a number of fallacies. This codification was either tried or betrayed by the russian revolution, and then ended in a funk, one reason for the constant and obsessive attempts to figure out what to do. These efforts are important but as noted the problem has already been solved, we suspect, and the ‘answer’ is a form of revolutionary (or electoral) transition to either postcapitalism or to a way station such as our ‘democratic market neo-communism’. We have leveraged the classic marxism thus to the point of its turning almost into a new entity, and yet not quite. We must somehow enforce a continuity who those who got it right, and a discontinuity against the mechanization of thought, and failure in practice of the ‘leninist’ inheritors. We are equal inheritors and need to recast the basic perspective. We have suggested a hybrid that is based on the return of private property to the Commons, i.e. a set of communist axioms, one that can balance state/anarchism, planned versus market economies, strong states versus democracy, with a demand to ensure political reform, independent political congresses, economic rights, ecological courts and legalism, a package taken as a socialism in one country as a viable entity, and yet one with a foundational ‘international’ that can establish relations with other developing postcapitalist entities. We can take ‘postcapitalism’ as able to refer to an economic ‘fix’ or ‘hack’ that can blend markets (without lockean property rights) within experimental planned sectors that can use new technologies to move past the red herring of market libertarianism. In addition a lower autonomous sector will be a counterweight balance that can be a holding area for ‘liberties’ of all kinds, from petty bourgeois operations, shopkeeper bliss, small farms, small scale light industries, mini-marts, coooperatives, whatever…

This basically has three/four/five sectors: a strong presidential system to guard the commons and lead to a climate response leaderships, a counterpoint congressional system, a legal set up with ecological courts, a planned economic sector able to move on a learning curve to a possible full communism, a market sector with entrepreneurs who can license resources from the Commons and our autonomous sector…Finally this system posits an international that will create a nexus of entities with socialist dna and this must make the ‘foreign policy’ of such an entity socialist foreign aid, regulated interaction with remaining independent capital formations, and from here the system can move in a slow set of transformations to ‘solved problems’ of top down/bottom economic systems. All the quibbles over markets and regulation become dead letters: this system has to proceed on the almost unfathomable complexity of a no-growth economy in the context of climate disaster.
The american version of this will have to show strong repentance on issues imperialism, covert agencies, military industrial complex warmongering. Suggestions already tabled are tearing down the pentagon and replacing with a hexagon, and pouring laughing gas down the langley air vents. The pentagon is clearly a problem and the langley world even worse. These menaces could bring the whole system down. The deep state must thus be abolished, and the perps for the 9/11 discovered, if still possible, and prosecuted.


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