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Faith in ‘god’ is bullshit: xtian theology as a disguised atheist samkhya

March 16th, 2017 · No Comments


We have pointed out many times here that ‘pop theism’ was always a distortion of the original monotheism (not that the prophets likely got it straight themeselves): it leaves behind a clear clue in the glyph IHVH which was inherited from some unknown source and which indicated the problematical aspects of ‘god talking’.
The latter xtain theory shows clear evidence of being a garbled version of the atheist samkhya with its cascade of cosmic ‘laws’, (1) 3 6 12 24 48 96. ‘God’ is in some fashion prior to the first manifestation of cosmic triads and is simply unknown or unknowable behind the primary manifestation of the first cosmic triad. The solution to the riddle of christian theological insanity is not hard and quite elegant but at this point a correction would prove an uphill battle. The church fathers performed a feat of grafting that is almost grotesquely ‘frankensteinian’, the great god frankenstein indeed.

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