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R48G: our daily dose of revolutionary cheer leading, virtual or not

March 16th, 2017 · No Comments

One of the ironies of the ghoulish era of trump is that this colossal idiot has turned out to be a dialectical suckerpunch generator of revolutionary potential (a point noted by Zizek). We have discussed all sorts of rumors here from the russian duggin to various other nefarious occulted lunacies but remarkably all of that must have backfired and we find an unwitting chaplin bungling his way to a situation that only a revolution could hope to correct. It is almost eerie and frightening: for nervous nellies of revolution (not the same as the nattering nabobs) the situation induces the first stages of nervous breakdown because the clear reality is that short of revolution we could be dead. I could be wrong. But the reality is that the First Idiot is embarking on planetary destruction as we stand by hand wringing over a third party and the working class. It is a funny situation. Like the russian revolution the tide turns with a women’s march. What can we do from the is point on? If there is going to be a revolution its first steps a la trump will emerge out of paradox and a mystery not of our own making, maybe. But we must be ready when the moment comes. Conventional radicalism isn’t ready. It is caught up in its past and that will generate so much instant opposition that any effort will abort.

We have proposed to learn from marxism but reinvent beyond it. From there a form of communism (neo- !) that makes the Commons a set of axioms of constitutional force without a full commitment to any given form of economic organization, viz. a double field of markets (in the aftermath of the abolition of private property) and a planned sector….Our two manifestos have the gist…

There is an equal possibility that an evolutionary path could bring this about, but we must be wary of the way all such compromised solutions end up badly in social democratic fantasy, sooner or later dismantled, as we see in the trumpish era.

Revolutions are drastic, guerilla warfare. We can virtualize at least with a million person march on washington…that could destabilize the system quite readily…a revolution must force the military into revolt. impossible, hopeless?

But the platform must be original, clear and able to realize democracy in a new form beyond capitalism. There is a chance of shocking the system to the point that electoral politics could achieve the start.
We have proposed a larger concept than that of the working class: the universal class. This can easily multitask with any and all initiatives attempting to revolutionize the working class. Note the wording. The working class must revolutionize itself. But we can work as well on a broader front: the universal class, which is a question about a platform that can deal with all sectors of the given social matrix. Our situation is so desperate that a vanguard is no longer subject to derision. Some group able to get the job done is credentialed on the spot.

Meanwhile the clear and obvious reality is that trump has energized a huge activist surge and while this is not as such the formula we refer to it is the failsafe for the failsafe given the uncertainties of the reality we face. https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public?preview=Two+Manifestos+version+2.pdf

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