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The christian/reformation wasteland…toward a revolutionary christian communism //This fast-growing Christian movement is aimed at taking over the government through Donald Trump and Sarah Palin

March 16th, 2017 · No Comments

Our discussion yesterday of the eonic effect noted its neutrality as a systems model and yet its powerful invocation empirically of virtually all of the major cultural factors in world history. The doubloon aspect arises from the way that ideologies, philosophies, religions are themselves ‘output of the system’ with the implied endorsement of the system action.

But how is this if they contradict each other. Overall we can see in this instance the decline and chaotification of the reformation ‘christianities’ even as they endure in the wake of their source in the early modern. The reformation generated secondary momentum for all sorts of ‘christian’ innovations and then left the whole game behind as ‘modernity’ moved in a different direction via the enlightenment period.
In a word the secular era has failed to grapple with the reformation wasteland that has spawned a more and more entropic religious mess, especially in the US. Secular humanism has attempted (cf. the new atheists) to debrief all this but cannot do so because its assumptions misjudge the complexities of religion.
A solution might come from a combination of leftist innovation, a new reformation, a new and better initiative than secular humanism and a thorough expose of the christian mythology, theism, and the conservatizing of the religious radicalism of early modernity.
A feuerbachian ‘atheist’ christianity is one vehicle (in our series of virtual chruches), and another might be a streamlined quaker style ‘null religion’ stripped to the bone as a revolutionary movement for postcapitalism on the order of abolitionism. We hardly need to realize this ‘virtual church’: it is enough to confront the chaotic idiocy of the christian wasteland by pointing not to secularism which is often threadbare but to a potential for moving past religion into religion of the future. Step one exposes the bullshit that has always been the curse of christianity but which reaches a new apogee in the extravagance of wasteland churches of the reformation. Conservative christians should be reminded, if they are so obsessed with violating church/state boundaries that the quakers generated modern democracy in the english civil war! And even before this reformation christians via thomas munzer invented modern communism!

Source: This fast-growing Christian movement is aimed at taking over the government through Donald Trump and Sarah Palin

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