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With Keynes to Market Socialism – on the work of the German Marxist Stephan Krüger 

March 19th, 2017 · No Comments

We promised to try and deal with the interesting work of Kruger although it is better to be wary of any and all theories of capitalism and its development. We adopt a nearly agnostic approach to economic dynamics and assume free agents can deal with the ‘objects of alienated (self-inflicted) outcomes (e.g. cycles).
Kruger’s versions of market socialism are of great interest since there is so much capitalist propaganda of the Misean type assuming the priority of markets, etc…

On the other hand, already in present-day capitalist societies, there are many institutions, which can be modified, enlarged, relocated in order to be useful inside a market-socialism. Krüger builds on proposals presented by people like Fritz Naphtali or Rudolf Hilferding in the 1920s or by Viktor Agartz in the late 1940s[76] or by Ota Šik in the late 60s. One could add here the social democrat Carl Landauer, who had to emigrate from Germany to the United States. His “Theory of National Economic Planning” was published in two editions in the United States, in 1944 and 1947. Krüger expects the future market socialism to have three sectors.[77] The biggest sector will still be a market economy. Enterprises – private, cooperative, and state owned – will mainly to be located here. The decisions of the enterprises will be guided by expected profits, but market data will be influenced by state policy. Control in enterprises will be exerted by the owners, that means by boards which consist of members representing different parts of civil society.[78] As Keynes suggested: “…all manner of compromises and of devices by which public authority will co-operate with private initiative”.[79] In spite of their present faults, Krüger sees in private-public partnerships or in the Greater London Enterprise Board (GLEB) of the 1980s examples for such collaborations consisting of different forms of ownership.[80]

Source: With Keynes to Market Socialism – on the work of the German Marxist Stephan Krüger | Historical Materialism

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