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A new foundation beyond marxism? //1.3 A Riddle Resolved: The Eonic Effect

March 20th, 2017 · No Comments

More and more it seems to me that the data of the eonic effect would make a good alternate foundation for revolutionary neo-communism in the wake of marxism whose fate is sealed even as it endures as a classic legacy, classic but only that. Well, not quite: there are innumerable useful aspects and illuminating insights, but the general format of a theory is that of a ‘theory’ and the latter are usually doomed to paradigm shifting if not chaos.
The eonic effect is a. silly, b. profound…The advantage is the evasion of hard theory for a dynamic seen in a set of approximations and a foundation of empirical chronology.
The classic left will not listen to this but slowly the realization is dawning that classic marxism is in some way dysfunctional and is paralyzing activists…

Source: 1.3 A Riddle Resolved: The Eonic Effect

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