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R48G: primitive marxism completely outclassed by eonic model…time to move on?! eonic model for capitalists?

March 21st, 2017 · No Comments

Communicating with marxists is an exercise in frustration: there is no communication. Nor do marxists really have a praxis or a movement. We can see that from the Occupy era: a new approach suddenly produced an explosion in a moment of creative energy. But that moment was brief. They sacrificed to much of the classic legacy in the attitude of ‘scared anarchists’ too fearful of stalinism to proceed with any coherent strategy, etc…

Our model of the eonic effect as we have indicated is a good replacement plan for ‘organized’ movement post-ideology. That leaves us with its interpretation. We can argue that its ‘end of history’ implications show indeed a trend toward democracy, but the critique of the marxists and socialists was a decisive expose of the limits and fakery of ‘democracy’ controlled by capital. So we move toward a more perfect civil constitution that can realize true democracy. We must without dogma recommend based on axiomatic deduction elements of a communism based on principles of fairness.

Whatever we do we must be wary of making things worse, pace the bolshevik incident…we can surely given the right foundation create the future system in question if we mindful of the democratic elements needed to bring systems of that type to fruition. Simple and elegant and the task of free agents.

Let’s hope it is not hopeless, or too late after so much ‘end of history’ propaganda to modify the system. As we can see the climate crisis is about to terminate man’s historical experiment. Or will we save ourselves in time?
Let’s be clear we are not bound by any ideology to capitalism in extremis…We should note in passing that our model is not propaganda: its revelatory aspects show capitalism/communism emerge as a dyad in motion asking us as free agents to realize the progression toward a perfect civil constitution. We are the breaking point for the demonstration of the limits of capitalism. We can see that pure capitalism has not succeeded in producing real democracy and are pushed into moving on. Capitalists should study the model we have to see that economic systems, as markets, do not generate real civilizations. The overall process is far more complex.

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