History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Criticizing marxism a lack of solidarity? just a bit of shock treatment… the dogmas of marxism are holding the left back at a time of crisis…

March 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

Criticizing marxists can be counterproductive and seems to show a lack of solidarity but a kind of shock treatment is needed. The shibboleths of marxism tend to generate kneejerk and unthinking assent. But times have changed and the era of climate crisis has produced an opportunity for the left but it is stuck in an older format that is no longer working. First, the marxist view of history is no longer really viable. The cast of scientism plus the confusion over dialectic have made ‘dialectical materialism’ an obsolete form of thought. Our new and different take on world history may be too much for the traditionalist cadre but its point is actually very simple: world history shows something far more complex than economic determination. The ‘eonic effect’ so-called uncovers something far more complicated and what’s more it is very elusive and hard to understand. It is not necessary to convince here or to produce a complete proof: we can simply take history in outline as a path to the resolution of kant’s challenge and produce a program of constitutional evolution. Revolutionary or evolutionary. Let’s proceed for the moment with a project of electoral ‘revolution’ in a new international: our democratic market neo-communism.

The question of history can be revised to read: world history by hypothesis shows a complex developmental process in which human free agency must nonetheless play an important part. Clearly that free agency has created a botch out of economic functionality and it has created a delusive idea that markets can solve all social problems where the reality is that they are about to burn out a planet.
The eonic effect shows a far more complex social dynamic. We don’t need to fully understand this process to proceed because it generates the potentials that we must realize alone. Capitalism is an economic/technological process while communism/democracy are social programs. The question of capitalism has so confused thinking that we are almost in a hopeless situation. Since bolshevism was even worse it is not surprising the reverse confusion has arisen and the issue of markets has its own elusive aspects. But those are not grounds to subject humanity to the universal domination of such economic entities. The failure of capitalists to even grasp the nature of climate change is decisive evidence of the low level of intelligence behind much economic reasoning, despite the nerdy aura of much economic theory, much of it entirely bogus pseudo-science.

Civilization is in the midst of a great screw up and we would do well to attempt to move into new territory. Marx got a lot of things right so we can still use much of the legacy but the questionof historical theory he did not get right. Marxism has a generalized usefulness but its theories are flawed where it core of practical reasoning is of value. Life doesn’t wait on the past: the nineteenth century level of theory was inadequate. A new and simpler approach would work better.

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