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R48G: universal and/or working class and the larger context of ecological leftism in an era of climate change…

March 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

Our manner of ditching the working class focus of marxism is a dangerous heresy! or is it? In fact we have actually enriched the working class focus with a larger perspective that can unify all aspects of the left, especially the need for an ecological postmarxism. The Proyect blog has a good summary of the issues:

But i still think marxism has proven inadequate on the issue of ecology. We are out of time for these debates and need to proceed from scratch with an ecological neo-communism…

The working class focus is actually both a little dated and very useful but in the end we are dealing with a system that must use a constitutional foundation of equalization on the part of a universal class. That a focus on the working class is needed to bring this about should resolve the contradiction. But our approach is a warning that the ‘working class’ is an abstraction that will not conform to classic marxist analyses.

In searching for the Proyext post I came on this (the blog has a huge amount of material)\it also references Jim Blauts’ important book, which is recommended.


Our stylized approach simply leaps over all these issues and debates but is completely open to a detailed consideration of all these issues, perhaps in a more postmarxist fashion.

The eonic model distinguishes three sets of history: the macrosequnce, the econosequence and the technosequence. The history of world economies is variously the history of proto-capitalism since the neolithic and/or the rise of modern capitalism in the eighteenth century. Our ‘stream and sequence’ approach can resolve the paradox that isn’t a paradox.
These three streams and sequences are quite different.
When capitalism was born is problematical. The paleolithic trade in obsidian must be one starting point.
The bullock cart trucking industry of the post-sumerian era is a qualified candidate as is the near invention of finance capitalism by the ancient greeks in the archaic period (??really).
The eonic effect neatly resolves the question of eurocentrism with its analysis of the frontier effect…

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