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The enlightenment? how about a dialectic of ‘marxism’?

March 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

The leftist critique of the enlightenment was misguided: the Frankfurt school produced a false judgment in the way it wished to blame the holocaust on the enlightenment, a diastrous misunderstanding. The leftist needs a foundation in the modern in a fashion more general than the enlightenment theme as such, but the basic point is clear.
The eonic model solves this problem in a flash by suggesting by stepping back and showing the way the period of the enlightenment is part of a far larger process that constitutes the modern transition. The danger here is the suggestion that marxism could critique and recreate modernity in a kind of self-enclosed ‘postmodern’ recreation of a new era. It does not have the resources to do that. There is absolutely no problem trying to critique the enlightenment but it is essential to see the complexity of the period and its multiple versions in descant. How can we critique enlightenment values if they stretch between french, german, etc…realizations?

What we need is a ‘dialectic of marxism’ to enable a recasting of its foundations and a movement to a new and creative successor…

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