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A revolutionary third party? //Trump is Obama’s Legacy: Will this Break up the Democratic Party?

March 24th, 2017 · No Comments

The question of american politics is intractable. In one way a ‘who cares?’ haunts the subject: the whole game is closed to the victims of american imperialism and they have a right to revolt against that regime and its perpetrations: no ‘taxation’ without representation. The question of ‘democracy’ has passed into a transnational mode and requires what the older internationls had but which were lost in the stupidity of bolshevism.

Who can say, but surely the ‘democratic party’ is a goner: a new party with an aggressive potentially revolutionary platform can use a battering ram to challenge the whole current system. Doing that should have been he task of the many socialist parties now in existence at the extreme fringe, so why didn’t they do anything? The last generation is still in the momentum of the failure of bolshevism, 1989, neoliberal counterrevolution, etc, and the obvious implication is that the older socialist parties are as dysfunctional as the democratic party.
We have produced a de facto reinvention of the subject with our new ‘manifesto’ and an ‘in motion’ transition concept we have called ‘democratic market neo-communist’ which is based on an entirely fresh set of concepts and membership definitions. It can serve as either an electoral movement or a revolutionary party or guerilla movement. Its embrace of a new international would be a reminder that the problems have grown beyond nation states and it is a fact, however dangerous, that such a movement is under no obligation to follow the rules of a local ‘democratic’ system controlled by capital IF its revolutionary platform can increase the level of justice, equality, and economic opportunity, next to ecological revolutionary aims, as a constitutional innovation.
Such an entity makes the democratic party look like the pathetic remnant that it is, but there is no inherent reason such a party couldn’t be a vehicle for said neo-communism, a quite ghouslish thought or vain hope.
In any case a new international and a once and future neo-communism just might find a venue in the calamity of climate change to which even the older left is unable to respond to.

Source: Trump is Obama’s Legacy: Will this Break up the Democratic Party?

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