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the left’s confusion on 9/11 //False Flag Dog-Wag Warning

April 1st, 2017 · No Comments

As a relative outsider to the 9/11 conspiracy theory groups in the sense of being a student of the developing research, I was actually late, 2006 or a little later, this blog has the evidence, despite a puzzled one day bout of speculation on sept 12 (recorded on the amazon review sector of a book on osama bin laden’s connection to the us) that something was awry. With that suspicions I should never looked back. I should been a student of the question from the start but the realm of slow dial up internet wasn’t conducive to much info gathering (when did google begin?), and I was busy with WHEE second edition. What turned the tide was a book spree indulging credit card debt of many books emerging on the subject and available at amazon. I am a library book hound jogging the stacks of univ/libraries and not disposed to admit in information deprivation, but i was, a point to keep in mind on this question. We don’t have to adopt the full range of theories to see that the suspicious minimal evidence points to a stark conclusion. As an outsider it was nonetheless increasingly clear that the truthers were onto something. So you can’t simply dismiss this zone of ‘suspicious’ character, ha ha, a pun. I would say the left needs to get its act together in this area. Meanwhile chomsky ‘s strange take on a possible false flag op after years of denial on 9/11 is almost bizarre in my book. C’mon noa, you’re a closet trutheer.

So it is clear in my case that the gross hostility to ‘truthers’ doesn’t apply to me. More important: Does it apply to anyone? I am often puzzled by the left’s hostility on the question. It is not an appropriate response. A real left is going to end up in a massive conflict with itself on this, a bad omen. The burden is on the older left to check out the facts of the debate…

I’m not a Truther and never have been. I don’t obsess over the JFK assassination, which (however) always sort of struck me as a CIA and/or Mafia and Cuban exile hit. My interactions with conspiracy theorists over the years since 9/11 have been ugly and close at times to violent. I have never run across a nastier group of fake-macho paranoid-style know it all Know Nothing bullies in all my life. In my experience, the 9/11 truth crowd makes the Spartacus Youth League look like a nice little tea party when it comes to flinging venomous abuse at serious left intellectuals and activists.

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