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R48G: deciphering the Venezuela situation: the need for bold leadership to complete the revolution

April 3rd, 2017 · No Comments


It is hard to grasp what is going on in Venezuela, but this article from marxist.com seems to have nailed it. We also have our ideas of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ as a generalized framework that can help to consider how to reconcile the tricky opposites in a socialist/neo-communist construct. In fact the DMMC framework seems tailor made for the Venezuelan situation.
Venezuela needs bold socialist leadership to seize the moment and not let the right creep up on one of the most notable achievements of the left in south america…

The current leadership of the Bolivarian movement and the Maduro government have moved in the opposite direction: in the economic field they have been making more and more concessions to the capitalists, while in the political field they have stifled all avenues of popular participation, workers’ control, rank and file power.

Regardless of their intentions, we must say it clearly: these policies will lead directly to the defeat of the Bolivarian revolution and the taking of power by the bourgeois opposition. This would be a disaster. In order to avert it we must return to the struggle for socialism and against the bourgeois state.

Faced with the onslaught of imperialism and the Venezuelan capitalists, what would be the most effective way to fight them? First of all, Venezuela should break diplomatic relations with Washington which is leading and coordinating this campaign. Second it should expropriate the property of all multinational companies from any country involved in this gross interference in Venezuelan national sovereignty. Thirdly, it should expropriate the properties of the Venezuelan oligarchy which has been constantly plotting against the will of the people for the last 15 years. Fourthly, anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist committees of workers, soldiers and peasants should be formed in every company, factory, barracks and in the countryside. These committees should be armed and exercise workers’ control against the sabotage of the oligarchy. Finally, the Bolivarian revolution should make an appeal to the workers and peasants of Latin America and the working class of the world to come to its aid and block the attempts of reactionary governments to intervene against it.

That is the only policy which can guarantee the defence of the revolution.

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