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R48G: the revolution to come: rogue state verdicts…

April 7th, 2017 · No Comments

We will pause today and sort through a large legacy of posts here, but the question of revolution ticks over irregardless: it seems that a revolutionary outcome, quite an illegal thing to dare suggest, requires no real exhortation: merely a readiness when it comes of its own accord. The crisis of climate might actually stand in contradiction to this passivity.
The omens are unnerving:

a climate calamity in motion, the possible end of a planet
the collapse of the economics of oil
the need for a post-growth economics
a military industrial complex out of control
the manufacture of wars to sustain profit
a government concealing a hidden connection to the drug trade
covert agencies out of control
a conspiracy, the 9/11 concoction of Israel/the ‘deep state’, create a fake war on terror
the covert control of american politics by the Zionist mafia
a political system corrupted beyond repair by money, wall street, and capital
a presidency turned into a drone assassination racket

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