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Red Forty-eight Group: dealing with marxists is completely frustrating…the need for a new left…

April 10th, 2017 · No Comments

Dealing with marxists is completely frustrating and the fact has to be faced that the current left is stuck with a mindset that will preempt any real revolutionary movement. Failure to move on is proving deadly at a time when a desperate climate catastrophe is underway. Beyond even that the question of capitalism remains as a riddle to be solved and an era to be overcome, but the current left is almost moribund. Perhaps there is an invisible component not seen in public, but the reality I suspect is that most marxist/communists have given up the struggle and are content to recycle over material and write ever more books in the Marx canon of ‘religious’ texts. We have suggested a set of simple steps:

make marxism into an appendix and historical saga
refound neo-communism in a post-theoretical constitutional ‘recipe’ mode
leave behind historical materialism and economic fundamentalism
adopt an ecological communist platform with a robust environmental perspective
bring democracy and communism into conjunction
work via evolutionary and/or revolutionary perspectives toward a revolutionary national/international system….

I think that marxists, if they can snap out of hypnosis, could move very rapidly in such a new direction, and the result could lead rapidly to a robust challenge to the current system. But the left has to offer a near guarantee it will make revolution an honest and open process that can evade from the start its curse of stalinist reputation…

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